Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry

Steven Suljak

Steven Suljak

Associate Professor

Steven Suljak and his research assistants are building better tools for studying chemical and biological systems.  

Degree Information:

B.S. Harvey Mudd College, 1995
Ph.D. Penn State University, 2000


Microcolumn separations of proteins, nucleic acids, and other biomolecules.
Fluorescence assays of DNA-protein binding interactions.

Active Grants:

Research Corporation:  Multiple Investigator Cottrell College Science Award, "Investigating the Role of Neurohemal Biogenic Amines in Shaping Stomastogastric Motor Programs of the Crab Cancer Borealis," $75,000, 2011-2013.

NIH Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH): AREA and ARRA Supplement, "Aptamers to Distinguish Functional Modifications of Target Proteins by Affinity Probe Capillary Electrophoresis,"  $232,478, 2007-2011.

  • General Chemistry I  (Chem 11)  Syllabus (PDF)
  • General Chemistry III (Chem 13)
  • General Chemistry Laboratory
  • Instrumental Analysis (Chem 111)

Recent Publications:

Rose, C.M., Hayes, M.J., Stettler, G.R., Hickey, S.F.Axelrod, T.M.,Giustini, N.P., and Suljak, S.W., "Capillary Electrophoretic Development of Aptamers for a Glycosylated VEFG Peptide Fragment", The Analyst,  (2010)135, 2945-2951.

Suljak, S. W. Rose, C. M, Sabatier, C., Le,T., Trieu Q, Verley, D.R., Lewis, A. M., and  Birmingham, J. T.,  "Enhancement of Muscle contraction in the Stomach of the Crab Cancer borealis: a Possible Hormonal Role for GABA",Biol. Bull. (2010) 218, 293-302.

Van Engelen, D.L., Suljak, S.W., Hall, J.P., Holmes, B.E., "Undergraduate Introductory Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory Course: Interdisciplinary Group Projects in Phytoremediation", J. Chem. Educ., (2007) 84, 128-131.

Cao, Z., Suljak, S.W., Tan, W., "Molecular Beacon Aptamers for Protein Monitoring in Real-Time and in Homogeneous Solutions", Current Proteomics (2005) 2, 31-40.

S. W. Suljak, L. A. Thompson, A. G. Ewing, "Improving Resolution for Channel-Format Chip-Based Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Array Detection," J. Separation Sci. 27, 13-20 (2004).

Suljak, S.W., Cao, Z., Tan, W., "Molecular Engineering of Fluorescence Nucleic Acid Probes", Recent Research Developments in Chemistry (2004)1, 59-77.


S. W. Suljak, K.L. Huang, D. J. Daugherty, T.E. O'Brien, J. B. Jameson, C. A. Paquet, "Selective Analysis of VEGF and VEGF Peptide Variants by Aptamer-Based Affinity Probe Capillary Electrophoresis," The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, New Orleans, LA, March 2-7, 2008.

S. W. Suljak, J. L. Smith, W. Tan, "Design and Application of a Molecular Beacon Aptamer for VEGF Analysis," The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, Chicago, IL, March 7-12, 2004.

S. W. Suljak, W. Tan, "Novel Design and Application of DNA Probes for Bioanalysis," Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition, American Chemical Society, Orlando, FL, May 8, 2003.