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Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry

Facilities and Instrumentation


The Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation will create classrooms, labs, research, study and office space for the School of Engineering and the College of Arts and Science. This complex will bring together multiple departments to create a collaborative learning environment where students and faculty alike can benefit from the expertise of their peers. This 270,000 squarefoot building will be built on the site of the previous engineering and law buildings with a 4-story wing on the east side and 3-story wings on the north and south. The courtyard in the middle will open up towards Heafey Hall and Bergin Hall to create an interconnection between all of the STEM facilities.

More info on the Sobrato Campus Project

Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation construction shot



Major Equipment in SCU's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for Undergraduate Instruction and Research

Santa Clara University chemistry and biochemistry students work with excellent experimental facilities including a 400 MHz NMR spectrometer.

Materials Testing Instruments

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Electrochemical Equipment

  • Beckman Coulter Capillary Electrophoresis (2012) 

Separations Equipment

Mass Spectrometry

Optical Spectroscopy

  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer: Shimadzu 3600, VT capacity (2012)
  • Spectrofluorimeter: Spex Fluorolog Spectrofluorimeter (2000)
  • Horiba FluoroMax Plus-C Spectrofluorimeter (2021)
  • Shimadzu AA-7000 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (2017)
  • Olis RSM Circular Dichroism Spectrometer (1996, updated 2016)
  • Shimadzu 3101 UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer (1989)
  • Cary 50 Spectrophotometer (2004)
  • Molecular Devices Spectramax Gemini Fluorescence Plate Reader (2004)
  • Molecular Devices Spectramax 340 Absorbance Plate Reader (1997)
  • Molecular Devices SpectraMax i3x Multi-Mode Microplate Reader (2016)
  • Vernier UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (5)
  • Vernier VIS Spectrophotometer (30)

 Infrared Spectroscopy

Other Equipment

  • Liquid Scintillation Counter: Perkin-Elmer TRI-CARB 4910TR (2018)
  • Incubator: New Brunswick (2012)
  • Centrifuge: Beckman Avanti JE floor centrifuge (2018)
  • Centrifuge: Beckman Coulter Allegra X-22R  (2005)
  • Glove Box: M Braun  (2001)
  • Savant Speedvac Concentrator (2018)