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Lindsay Halladay and Kirsten Read

Lindsay Halladay and Kirsten Read

Dr. Lindsay Halladay and Dr. Kirsten Read earn tenure!

Last spring Dr. Lindsay Halladay and Dr. Kirsten Read both earned tenure and were promoted to the position of Associate Professor. They have been on sabbatical for the past two quarters, and we are excited to have them back in the classroom for Spring Quarter.

Dr. Halladay joined the faculty at SCU in 2017 after earning her Ph.D. in Psychology: Behavioral Neuroscience from UCLA. Her research focuses on understanding the physiological processes by which neural activity produces behavior, and more specifically, how dysfunctional neural circuitry leads to aberrant behavior. She is particularly interested in the overlap between reward and aversion circuits.

Dr. Read joined the faculty at SCU in 2010, working as Adjunct Faculty until being appointed Assistant Professor in 2017. Her research focuses on early language development: how most children become so fast and fluent in understanding and using language in just the first few years of life. Her most recent studies involve looking at how common kinds of language experiences, specifically story book reading and language play, can help children use their own predictions to learn new words.

Welcome back and congratulations!