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Department ofPsychology


Kirsten Read

Kirsten Read has been with the Department of Psychology since 2010 and was recently promoted to the role of Assistant Professor. Her research is focused on early language learning and everyday pre-literacy experiences that can shape young children’s cognitive development. Dr. Read and her students (the “Read Lab”) do research about shared book reading, language play, and dual language learning. Before joining the faculty at Santa Clara, Dr. Read earned her Ph.D. in Psychology and Linguistics at Stanford and then spent a (very cold) year in Madison, WI as a postdoctoral fellow working on measuring the pattern learning abilities of children on the Autism spectrum. Dr. Read has been teaching courses in cognitive and developmental psychology and statistics and research methods for ten years. She is enthusiastic about her changing role in the department and is eager to continue nourishing her passion for research and teaching with students at SCU. Learn more about the Read Lab here