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Dean Daniel Press and Lindsay Halladay recipient of the  2023 Bernard Hubbard, S.J., Creative Collaboration Award

Dean Daniel Press and Lindsay Halladay recipient of the 2023 Bernard Hubbard, S.J., Creative Collaboration Award

Lindsay Halladay Recognized by the College of Arts and Sciences

Lindsay Halladay awarded the Bernard Hubbard Creative Collaboration Award

Bernard Hubbard S.J. Creative Collaboration Award
In recognition of having established a well-deserved reputation for excellence in educating students by including them in professional research projects or creative activity, thereby transcending traditional teaching models to reach the heart of the research and creative process.

Lindsay Halladay’s commitment to nurturing the talents of her students and guiding them towards meaningful accomplishments has earned her a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

Colleagues and peers attest to Lindsay's extraordinary impact on the academic community. Her leadership within the academic realm has been highlighted through her mentorship of numerous students, guiding them on journeys of discovery that often span multiple years. This leadership has resulted in the publication of multiple papers in peer-reviewed journals, with students as co- authors, and an impressive array of poster presentations at conferences. These achievements have not only contributed to the advancement of knowledge but have also garnered recognition and awards, underscoring the magnitude of Lindsay's influence.

It is not only Lindsay's professional accomplishments that set her apart; it is her genuine care for her students that truly resonates. Amidst her demanding schedule, she goes above and beyond to connect with each individual, celebrating their triumphs and guiding them through challenges. This compassion and personal investment in her students have left an indelible mark, fostering an environment of growth, confidence, and inclusivity.

Moreover, Lindsay’s commitment to breaking down barriers is evident as she empowers students from diverse backgrounds to excel in the field of science. Through her guidance, students who may have initially doubted their place in research have found not only confidence but also a sense of belonging and achievement.