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Department ofPsychology


Morgan Krannitz photo

Morgan Krannitz photo

Morgan Krannitz teaches I/O psychology at SCU

Morgan Krannitz joined the Department of Psychology as an Adjunct Lecturer beginning in the summer of 2018. By day, she is a People Analyst at Google focused on researching employee health, well-being, and satisfaction with core HR programs. By (Tuesday) night, she teaches an upper division Industrial/Organizational Psychology course to eager students willing to be in class until 8:40 pm. In the course, students gain a broad exposure to major topics in I/O Psychology like selection, performance management, and motivation, so they may better navigate and contribute to the workplace (and maybe even be inspired to pursue a career in the field as well). Before joining the faculty at Santa Clara, Dr. Krannitz earned her Ph.D. at Penn State, where her research focused on aspects that can promote or prevent occupational health. Since then, she has worked at both Qualcomm and Google, using data to make employees happier and healthier. Dr. Krannitz is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the Psychology Department and is excited to continue teaching (and learning from) the students at SCU.

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