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headshot of Oliver Culver

headshot of Oliver Culver

Oliver Culver '14

Psychology major finds success in the real world

Oliver Culver graduated in 2014 with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Studio Art. While studying at SCU, Oliver took advantage of several opportunities outside of the classroom. In the Psych department, Oliver worked as a research assistant in Professor Tracey Kahan’s sleep lab, and was able to present his work at a conference. Oliver was also involved with the student group Into the Wild and led several hiking and camping trips during his junior and senior years.

Following graduation, Oliver began working as an event coordinator at a technology startup incubator in St. Louis before earning his MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. Now, Oliver works for the consulting firm Alexander Group, Inc., which focuses on revenue growth.

He writes:

“My time at SCU was defined by my experience in the Psychology department which gave me the tools I have needed to be successful in the real world. From learning about child development with Dr. Whitfield to neuroplasticity with Dr. Kahan, from studying groupthink and the diffusion of responsibility with Dr. Burger, to industrial and organizational psychology with Dr. Bezrukova, I have been able to apply my knowledge in a plethora of professional (and personal) domains. When I look back at my academic career, I realize that my psychology degree from SCU has helped me to cultivate an exciting professional and personal life."

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