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Charter a New CSO

Designation as a CSO

Designation as a chartered student organization (CSO) may be granted to a student organization when it is clearly demonstrated that it:

  • Has a purpose and goals that are consistent with and contribute to the educational mission and goals of the University in a direct and visible way.
  • Assists the University in the implementation of co-curricular and extra-curricular educational programs.
  • Will involve and/or significantly benefit and serve a substantial portion of the student body and substantially add to the richness and quality of student life.
  • Meets a major need not currently being met by an existing CSO.

Expectations of a CSO

Status as a CSO carries with it a significant commitment expected by the University, which provides CSOs with resources necessary to meet the expectations and responsibilities delegated to it. The resources include funding support, use of University equipment and facilities (including office space), and advisement by the Center for Student Involvement staff.

Request to Charter a New CSO

Requests for designation as a CSO are made to the Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students. Such requests should include the following:

  • A constitution or similar statement describing the purpose and goals of the student organization and clearly addressing how it meets the criteria outlined above.
  • A description of services, publications, events, and/or activities the student organization intends to offer to fulfill its purpose and goals.
  • Position descriptions for leaders, officers, and staff of the student organization outlining duties, responsibilities, and expectations.
  • A description of the proposed organizational structure for the operation of the student organization and membership criteria, including the criteria and process for selection/election of the organizational leadership.
  • A financial plan for the student organization, including a proposed budget for the funds needed to support and fulfill its duties, responsibilities, and expectations.

General Chartering Process

Here are the general steps for review and approval:

For More Information

Contact: Tedd Vanadilok