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Student Affairs Committee

Purpose:The Student Affairs Committee contributes to the improvement of student learning and the quality of the Santa Clara educational experience as related to co-curricular programs and student support services. The Committee serves as the final locus of dialogue in the formulation and recommendation of major policies and program initiatives that affect student life and that contribute to student satisfaction and success.

The Student Affairs Committee makes its recommendations through the Vice Provost to the Provost, the senior administrator overseeing student affairs.


  • Paul Schutz, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, 2022-25 (Chair)
  • Ryan Rani, ASG President, 2024-25 (ex officio)
  • Claire Krebs, ASG Senate Chair, 2024-25 (ex officio)
  • Denae Rivera, MCC Director, 2024-25 (ex officio)
  • Veronica Villa, Associate Director of Curricular and Co-Curricular Engagement, LEAD Scholars Program, 2023-26
  • Lori Salazar, Associate Director for the Center for Student Involvement and LEAD Seminar Instructor, 2024-27
  • Andrew Ishak, Senior Lecturer for Communication, 2024-27
  • Ipsita Bhattacharya, Graduate Student, 2023-25
  • TBD Fall 2024, Undergraduate Student, 2024-25
  • TBD Fall 2024, Undergraduate Student, 2024-25
  • Elizabeth Kone, Administrative Associate (administrative support, non-voting participant)

UPC Administrator:

  • Jeanne Rosenberger, Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students (Provost Designee)

The charge of the Student Affairs Committee is to:

  1. Promote continued improvement of co-curricular programs, student support services, and other aspects of integrated learning.
  2. Review, evaluate, and improve policies and programs related to student life to ensure their consistency with, and contribution to, the mission and goals of Santa Clara as a Catholic and Jesuit university.
  3. Review and evaluate proposals for substantive changes in programs or departments that affect student life.
  4. Ensure that the University regularly reviews and assesses the quality and effectiveness of services to students.
  5. Ensure appropriate consultation with students, faculty, and staff in the Committee's deliberations. 
  6. Advise the Provost on issues identified by either the Provost or the Committee.