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University Coordinating Committee


The University Coordinating Committee (UCC) is the meta committee that makes governance more efficient, effective and responsive.

The charge of the University Coordinating Committee is to:

  1. Coordinate the work of the University Policy Committees (UPCs).
  2. Appoint to each UPC members who are competent to perform the work of that committee.
  3. Guarantee appropriate consultation and efficiency in the overall process of university governance.


  • Tim Urdan, Professor of Psychology, Chair
  • Justin Boren, Professor of Communication, Chair-Elect
  • Lisa Kloppenberg, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, ex officio
  • Leslie Gray, Faculty Senate President, 2020-21, ex officio
  • Kori Lennon, Staff Senate President, 2020-21, ex officio
  • Andrew Chai, Past Staff Senate President, 2020-21, ex officio
  • Ciara Moezidis, ASG President, 2020-21, ex officio
  • Ixtlac Dueñas (Senior Administrative Assistant for Collaborative Governance, non-voting participant)