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Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee

2023-2024 Representation

Role Representatives
Chair Dave Machado, Senior Director of Facilities Operations
Associated Student Government (ASG) Representatives Kenneth Park, Erta Hoxha
Center for Sustainability Representatives Brad Zukeran, Josue Hernandez-Perez
Disabilities & Chronic Illness Network Representative Laura Ellingson, Patrick A. Donohoe, S.J. Professor of Communication
Staff Representatives Ixtlac Duenas, Collaborative Governance Specialist, and John Rebagliati, Building Operations & Conference Services Coordinator
Faculty Representatives C.J. Gabbe, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Stephen Diamond, Associate Professor of Law
Vice Provost for Graduate Programs Representatives Joshua Philip, Bianca Terry
Campus Safety, Emergency Planning, and Parking & Transportation Services Representatives Philip Beltran, Director Campus Safety Services, Jacob Malae, Assistant Director Campus Safety Services, Leah Nakasaki-Peterson, Assistant Director Parking & Transportation Services, Office Manager, TBD, Tyler Masamori, Emergency Planning Manager 

The Goal of the Committee


  •  Annually review and propose changes and adjustments to the fee-based parking
    management system on campus.
  • Review, and recommend changes to parking and transportation regulations, policies,
    procedures, services and programs.
  • Review and revise the designation and allocation of parking spaces; advise on long-range
    planning issues involving parking.
  • Review and provide feedback on proposals for the use of technology in implementing
    the campus parking program.
  • Review and comment on long-term strategies to maintain existing parking facilities, and
    to acquire and/or re-designate new parking facilities.
  • Serve as a component of the communication strategy for keeping the University
    community informed about parking and transportation issues.
  • Provide an outlet for members of the community to present concerns and suggestions
    related to parking and transportation.


  • Develop and enhance existing alternate methods of transportation programs for
    students and employees.
  • Provide support and/or advocacy to regional transportation initiatives and partnerships
  • Committee Representation:
    Faculty and Staff Representatives: [5]
    Two faculty members appointed to two-year staggered terms with recommendations
    made by the Faculty Senate Council.
  • Two staff representatives appointed to two-year staggered terms with
    recommendation made by the Staff Senate.
  • One representative from the SCU Disabilities and Chronic Illness Network (DCIN),
    appointed to a two-year term.

Student Representatives [6]

  • Two undergraduate student representatives appointed to a one-year, renewable term
    with recommendations made by the Associated Student Government (ASG).
  • Two undergraduate student representatives appointed to two-year staggered terms
    with recommendations made by the Director for the Center for Sustainability
  • Two graduate student representatives appointed to a one-year term, renewable term
    with recommendations made by the Vice Provost for Graduate Programs

Ex Officio Representatives [4]

  •  Assistant Director, Parking & Transportation Services
  • Office Manager, Parking & Transportation Services
  • Director, Campus Safety Services
  • Assistant Director, Campus Safety Services
  • Emergency Planning Manager

A member of staff or faculty will be invited to serve as the Committee chair for a one-year, renewable term.

TBD from Parking and Transportation will serve as staff support to the Committee.


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