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Personal Safety Tips

ATM Security

If using the ATM, it is important to be prepared and alert. Tips such as having your card ready before approaching the ATM or going with a friend after dark can help you be less at risk of endangering your safety. View more ATM Security Tips.

Auto Theft Protection

Keep yourself safe and alert by knowing what common schemes carjackers might use, who the common victims are and some general rules to drive by. Knowing what to do if auto theft does happen to you is also important. Read more Auto Theft Protection Tips to prepare yourself.  

Bike Security

A bicyclist on a street or any public path or trail after dark is required by California state law to abide by specific requirements. For your protection, it is highly recommended that a bicycle helmet is worn at all times while riding a bicycle on and off campus. Read more Bike Security Tips to protect your bike.

Cell Phone Safety

Every day, cellular telephones are used to call for assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown or other personal emergencies. The use of cellular telephones can also be distracting and directly or indirectly lead to motor vehicle accidents. Read more Cell Phone Safety Tips.

Identity Theft

The fraudulent use of credit cards is not limited to the loss or theft of actual credit cards. A capable criminal only needs to know your credit card number to fraudulently make numerous charges, including cash withdrawals against your account. Read on for crime prevention tips and recommendations to guard yourself against illegal use of credit cards. Read our Identity Theft Protection Tips.

Jogging Tips

It is important to be aware of your surrounding while out jogging. Read more Jogging Protection Tips for tips and tricks to keep yourself safe while out enjoying a jog.

Self Defense Tips

Prevention seems to be the rational answer. Date rape prevention involves educating both young men and young women. People need to know that NO means NO, not maybe or yes; that the only thing they are owed for a date is thank you and that a woman/man has the right to change their mind. People need to know that they have the right and responsibility to communicate clearly—to say what they mean and want. They need to trust their instincts and learn to stay out of risky situations. Read more Self Defense Tips.

Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)

The Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) System is designed to help women become more aware of the possible dangers that can develop at any time. It teaches them to prevent, reduce and avoid high risk situations. R.A.D provides effective, yet basic options that allow women to feel confident about their own self-defense. This course is not a martial arts course, but it does steadily develop women with the basics of hands-on training. Read some of our Rape Aggression Defense Tips to learn more.