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Transportation Services

Transportation Services provides support for all campus transportation needs. Our transportation demand management (TDM) programs and policies are geared toward reducing single-occupancy vehicles traveling to and from campus.  A recent campus study found constructing and maintaining a new parking garage could cost over $38,000 per parking space.  We believe that investing in TDM programs will improve transportation efficiency for all Santa Clara University students, faculty, and staff.  We are constantly exploring new incentives and programs to help the University avoid additional costs while reducing our transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions.  For more information about Santa Clara's sustainability programs, please visit the Center for Sustainability's website. 

 Looking to plan a trip? Try using 511 Bay Area to find transit options that best suit you with LIVE traffic updates!

SCU is very fortunate to be located directly across the street from the Santa Clara CalTrain/VTA Transit Station. There are excellent bus and rail service to the area. 
Alternative Transit Card

An alternative transit card is provided (once per month) for the following modes of transportation: carpooling, bicycling, or taking the train. Customers may receive a max of five daily parking permits, per month, for participating in one of these programs. One card issued per person.

Carpool Registration

Thank you for reducing your carbon footprint by carpooling to campus. One of our sustainability initiatives is to reduce single-occupancy vehicles traveling to and from campus

If you are interested in creating a carpool, please fill out the Carpool Registration Form. Each carpool member is required to fill out this form. Once completed, the carpool group will be asked to verify their carpool membership is up-to-date before the start of the academic year. 


The alternative transit card is also available to bike commuters. 


Train commuters who purchase a monthly pass also qualify for the alternative transit card. Proof of purchase is required. 

Altamont Corridor Express Discount Program for SCU student and employees 
The ACE and SCU partnership offers a discount program of 50% on fares for 20-Ride tickets and monthly passes. The discounted tickets are only available at Parking & Transportation Services located in the Main Parking Structure next to Campus Safety. 
20-Trip tickets are valid for any 20 one-way trips without an expiration date. 
Note: The 20-Ride tickets must be validated at the station Ticket Validator before boarding the train. 
Monthly passes are valid for unlimited trips in the calendar month. 
To learn more about our partnership with ACE, eligibility, prices, terms, and conditions, visit this page. 


Employee Benefits

Mass Transit Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

The Mass Transit FSA allows employees to set aside pretax dollars for the reimbursement of qualifying transportation expenses you incur while commuting to and from work. The program is in alignment with and supports Santa Clara University’s commitment to sustainability. You may change your monthly contributions between the 1st-10th of each month. 

  • Maximum Monthly Election: $315

Please reach out to Human Resources for more information or questions.

Modes of public transportation that provide service to the campus include:

FSA - Commuter Spending Program

Benefits-eligible employees may enroll in a flexible spending account (FSA) within 30 days of your hire date or during annual enrollment. At that time, you must establish an annual contribution amount within the maximum limit. Once enrolled, you will have online access to view your FSA balance.

This program can be used to cover transit passes, payments for transportation in a commuter highway vehicle. 

Transit maximum contribution for 2018 is $260 per month. 

To enroll in this FSA, please visit HR's website to learn more. 



 Faculty, Staff, and Student Parking Incentives
SCU encourages carpooling by offering free parking passes for carpools which are vehicles that arrive on campus with 2 or more persons. To participate in the Carpool Program you must:
  • Register all participants in the carpool at the Campus Safety office. There is no fee associated with the Carpool Programs.
  • Receive a Carpool sticker that must be visible on the vehicle of use.
  • Upon arrival, the carpool participants must be verified by Campus Safety at the Main Gate. 
  • Once verified, the vehicle will be issued a daily parking pass to be coupled with the Carpool sticker.
  • Each Carpool will receive 5 daily parking passes per month for participant's use during the month of issuance and must be validated on the day of use by Campus Safety at the Main Gate.

To apply for the 2021-2022 program, fill out the Carpool Program Form.

Dero ZAP - Bicycle Commuter Program & Dero Fixit Stations
Dero ZAP is a campus bicycle commuter program to encourage individuals that work at the University to commute to campus in a more sustainable manner. For each day that a commuter rides their bike, they will receive a point. These points are then redeemable by the commuter for parking in the future. 

Does your bike need fixing? To support University staff, faculty, and student bicyclists, Transportation Services recently installed four Dero Bike Fixit stations around campus. Check out the Dero ZAP page for more information.


The Electric Shuttles (SCUttle) will provide a means of transportation to those needing assistance between parking locations and event venues.

If you are interested in renting a SCUttle for your event, please reach out to us via email for additional information. 

SCU provides public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on campus.  
The stations were installed as part of a grant, and they fill a gap as the nearest stations are at the SJC airport, downtown San Jose, and along the peninsula.  
Users registered with the ChargePoint Network can see available charging stations online. 
Please view additional information on EV charging stations on campus. 

All programs are open for staff and faculty to take advantage of! If you have any questions please feel free to email, call, or stop by. 

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