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Flexible Spending Account (FSA)


Healthcare Flexible Spending Account

The Healthcare FSA allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars through payroll deductions to cover medical, dental, and vision expenses not covered under the SCU health plan for them and their dependents. 

  • Minimum annual election: $300
  • Maximum annual election: $3,050
  • Maximum  Carry Over:  $640

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

The Dependent Care FSA allows employees to set aside, through payroll deduction to cover eligible dependent care expenses.

  • Maximum annual election: $5,000 per family
  • Maximum annual election: $2,500 if married, filing separately

Mass Transit Flexible Spending Account

The Mass Transit FSA allows employees set aside pretax dollars for the reimbursement of qualifying transportation expenses you incur while commuting to and from work. The program is in alignment with and supports Santa Clara University’s commitment to sustainability. You may change your monthly contributions between the 1st-10th of each month

  • Maximum Monthly Election: $315