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Financial Planning Benefits

SCU provides Financial Planning Benefits to assist in building a retirement income, and help cushion financial obligations associated with illness or death, and other unforeseen life events. 

Retirement Plan Programs

Santa Clara University's retirement benefits help employees build long-term savings and a source of income during retirement. 

Life Insurance

Life insurance will provide employees' beneficiaries with financial protection and security. 

One on One Financial Appointments

Get access to our independent financial advisors at Heffernan Financial Services as an employee benefit

Medicare Benefits

Medicare is out country's health insurance program for people age 65 or older.

CA 529 Plan

CA 529 Plan is a tax-advantage way to save for higher education costs. 

Employee Paid Pre-tax Cancer Protection Plan

Santa Clara University provides a group voluntary Cancer Protection Plan through American Fidelity. 

Student Loan Forgiveness

Santa Clara University wants to help eligible employees with student debt take advantage of this money-saving program.