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Referral Bonus

Employee Referral Program Guidelines
Effective January 16, 2022

The referral program provides a referral bonus of $750, less applicable withholdings, for a referral that results in an eligible staff hire.

The candidate must indicate the referring SCU employee on the Workday employment application

The referral bonus will be paid no later than the first payroll period after the new hire begins
work. (Example: Hire date is 2/1/22, the referral bonus will be paid on the 2/22/22 paycheck.)

Eligible and Ineligible Positions
Regular and fixed-term staff benefit eligible positions are eligible for the referral bonus program. Temporary, seasonal, and on-call positions are ineligible for the referral bonus program.

SCU Employee Eligibility

  • All current employees (staff, faculty, and students) of Santa Clara University are eligible to participate in this program with the exception of the individual(s) involved in any part
    of the hiring decision for the position being recruited for.
  • To be eligible for the referral bonus, you must be currently employed at SCU when the candidate begins work at the University.
  • HR staff are not eligible for the referral bonus program

Candidate Eligibility
No referral bonus will be awarded for a candidate if an agency or third-party fee is required for the hire.

No referral bonus will be awarded for candidates who are already Santa Clara University employees, i.e. internal transfers or promotions.

The Department of Human Resources will have final authority over all aspects of the Employee Referral Program.