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Our Services

Campus Safety's mission is to use all its resources to keep the campus community as safe as possible, and to provide service to the campus community.  The following list are some of the services Campus Safety can provide:



Event Security Services 

Campus Safety offers security services for events held on university property.  A minimum of two weeks notice is recommended. To request Campus Safety security services, please complete the Security Request Form. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the event before submitting this form, please send email to 

Lockouts Services

Campus Safety will let in residents who have locked themselves out of their rooms whenever the Housing Office (RL) is closed, typically 5 PM to 8 AM, Monday through Friday, weekends and holidays.  Campus Safety will also escort residents in and out of their room during the intervals when the halls are closed to the residents (holiday break, spring break) to retrieve items upon approval of the RL RD on duty.  RL may charge the student a fee for the services.

Vehicle Services

Campus Safety can provide jump starts for vehicles with dead batteries on campus property or within reasonable distance from the main campus.  Campus Safety can also attempt to open vehicles for owners who have locked the keys inside. However, the newer locking/anti-theft systems may not allow for this service.  Vehicle services require the vehicle's owner to sign a liability waiver.

Security Escorts Services

Campus Safety provides security escorts to/from SCU property during the hours of darkness or upon special request.  Campus Safety may limit how far away from campus the escort may go based upon staffing and activity levels.  Escorts CAN NOT be provided to bars or parties, or to run errands.  To request an escort call (408) 554-4441.

Lost & Found Services

Campus Safety operates the University's main Lost and Found Service.  Found items are maintained by Campus Safety at the main office.  To report a found item online, please go to >>Found Property Report Form.   If you have lost an item of personal property on campus or University properties, you can fillout an online form>>Lost Property Report Form 

Our Initiatives

Santa Clara University's Campus Safety Services provides protection and security services to both the main campus and adjoining properties owned by the University. While our department and its personnel are responsible for ensuring that our campus remains as safe as possible, the primary responsibility for crime prevention and personal safety rests with each individual. By working together, we will continue to make SCU among the safest urban universities in the country.

As with other universities, many campus crimes are committed by members of the university community against each other, especially crimes related to property. Property crimes account for over 90 percent of all crime in our campus community. The most common types of crime at SCU are: theft of unattended property such as book bags, laptop computers, purses and briefcases, and theft or burglary from cars.  To report a lost of personal item on campus, you may fill out an online form>> Lost Property Report form

Orientation Programs

Representatives of Campus Safety attend orientation to provide information and advice to incoming students to the university. Presentations are also conducted for parents, providing them the opportunity to become familiar with Campus Safety and to address any concerns and questions they might have.