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University Budget Council

Purpose:The purpose of the University Budget Council (UBC) is to develop the annual macro budget in the context of long-range financial planning.

The University Budget Council makes its recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the senior administrator overseeing the development of the University's annual operating and capital budgets.


Ex officio:

  • Michael Crowley, Vice President, Finance and Administration (Chair)
  • Ramona Sauter, Associate Vice President for Finance
  • William Lo, University Budget Director
  • Ed Ryan, Acting Provost
  • James Lyons, Vice President, University Relations
  • Eva Blanco Masias, Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Andy Wolfe, Faculty Senate President-elect, 2022-23
  • Bill Mains, Staff Senate President-elect, 2022-23


  • Sanjiv Das, Finance, Fall 2022-Winter 2023 (interim replacement for Michael Calegari)
  • Michael Calegari, Accounting, 2021-24
  • Soniya Patel, Assistant Provost for Finance and Administration, 2022-23
  • Daniel Press, College of Arts and Sciences, 2021-23
  • Tracie Lemmon, Assistant Budget Director (data analyst/notetaker, non-voting participant)

The charge of the University Budget Council is to:

1. Prepare the annual macro budget for approval by the President prior to final approval by the Board of Trustees.

2. Ensure that the annual budget represents all major revenues and expenditures, is balanced, and is consistent with long-range financial projections based on careful analysis of program, enrollment, market, compensation, and other relevant trends.

3. Prepare and periodically update assumptions to guide financial planning.

4. Review and refine financial projections and planning scenarios developed by the Budget Office.

5. Ensure that adequate communication about budgetary issues and procedures occurs within the University community.