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Much of the University business is conducted through the work of four kinds of committees: (1) University governance committees comprised of University Policy Committees and Standing Committees (as shown below), (2) Faculty Senate committees, (3) committees mandated by civil law, and (4) temporary ad hoc task forces.

The University Coordinating Committee (UCC) is the meta committee that makes governance more efficient, effective, and responsive. Its duties are (1) to coordinate the work of the University Policy Committees (UPCs), (2) to appoint to each UPC members who are competent to perform the work of that committee, and (3) to guarantee appropriate consultation and efficiency in the overall process of University governance. There are six University Policy Committees that are integral to effective and sustainable governance at SCU.  In addition, there are two advisory, standing committees.  Appointments to the committees are made on the basis of competence.

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