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Research Committee


The Research Committee works with the Senior Associate Vice Provost for Research and Faculty Affairs to support faculty scholarship at the University. It makes recommendations to the Faculty Affairs Committee and sponsors programs to enhance scholarship.


  • Amy Shachter, Associate Provost for Research and Faculty Affairs, ex officio
  • Matthew Newsom-Kerr, History, Winter 2019 - Spring 2020
  • Michelle Oberman, Law, 2017-20
  • Lee Panich, Anthropology, 2018-21
  • Craig Stephens, Biology, 2019-21
  • Naren Agrawal, Information Systems and Analytics, 2019-22
  • Gina Hens-Piazza, Jesuit School of Theology, 2019-22
  • A'Dreana Quevedo (Manager, Research & Faculty Affairs, non-voting participant)