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Register a New RSO

Registration Requirements

In order to start a new registered student organization (RSO), your student organization (club) must first meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have at least 2 undergraduate students serve as club officers, particularly president and treasurer
  • Have at least 15 self-selecting members, which may include club officers
  • Have all club officers be undergraduate students
  • Have a majority of members be undergraduate students

Having an advisor is also required. However, your club is automatically assigned an advisor through the Center for Student Involvement, specifically Lori Salazar who is the Assistant Director for Student Organizations.

Although not required, you may have an additional faculty/staff advisor. Regardless, you will at least have a Center for Student Involvement advisor who counts as your required advisor.

Registration Deadlines

There are 3 registration deadlines throughout each academic year:

  • Week 2 of the fall quarter, Monday, 5:00pm
  • Week 2 of the winter quarter, Monday, 5:00pm
  • Week 2 of the spring quarter, Monday, 5:00pm

Registration Process

The first step to register a new RSO is to meet with Lori Salazar who is the Assistant Director for Student Organizations in the Center for Student Involvement to describe your RSO and see if there are any additional requirements that need to be fulfilled or any issues (i.e. risk and safety, overlap with an existing RSO, etc) that need to be addressed before you move on to the subsequent steps described below.

Once you have had this initial meeting, the Assistant Director for Student Organizations will walk you through the next steps to get you to the final step of registration approval.

Registration Approval

Once you have completed the registration process described above, you are now a pending RSO and eligible to receive temporary and limited access to privileges in order to have resources to recruit members and raise awareness about your club. These privileges include the ability to:

  • Post flyers around campus
  • Reserve a room at the Benson Memorial Center to host an information session
  • Reserve tables at the Benson Memorial Center for 4 days (does not need to be consecutive)

Note #1: It is important to note that pending RSOs are still not permitted to host events or be reimbursed for incurred expenses until their clubs have been approved by the Associated Student Government (ASG).

Note #2: If you missed the registration deadline, which means you have to wait until the next deadline to be considered and approved by ASG, then you may still complete the registration process in order to receive temporary and limited access to privileges until the next deadline.

Once your club has submitted all required material as part of the registration process, the Center for Student Involvement performs an initial review of eligibility. Then ASG grants final approval during a vote at the next Student Senate meeting after the deadline (or subsequent week if more time is needed to deliberate).

After ASG has made a decision about your club, you will be contacted to formally announce that your club is fully approved.

For More Information

Contact: Lori Salazar