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Register a New RSO

The Associated Student Government (ASG) votes every spring quarter whether or not to approve the newest cohort of RSOs.

All new clubs or organizations that complete the registration process prior to the deadline will become Provisional Student Organizations (PSOs).

  • New organizations can apply to become a PSO starting Week 1 of the fall quarter.
  • The registration deadline is once an academic year: Week 2 of the spring quarter, Monday, 5:00 pm.
  • Approvals for PSOs will be processed on a rolling basis.
  • PSOs are eligible to receive temporary and limited access to privileges in order to have resources to recruit members and raise awareness about the club.

In the sections below are full details on the PSO process:

  • There is a brief tutorial video and a PDF packet.
  • The "Starting an Organization 101" packet contains all the information you need to know about starting a new RSO.
  • This packet contains a list of privileges offered to PSOs and RSOs, the step-by-step PSO registration process, and additional resources like a sample constitution and contact information for Center for Student Involvement (CSI) staff members.
  • You can view the packet below using the PDF viewer.
  • Note: You may have difficulty using the PDF viewer if you use Firefox as a web browser; click the following link to download the PDF instead.
  • PDF - PSO Packet: Starting an Organization 101 (2023-24)
  • Constitution Template (PDF version) | Constitution Template (Word version)

Any student who wishes to register a new RSO must review this packet. Any questions may be directed to



View directly, or right-click to save a copy.

For More Information

Contact: Victor Pineda