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Renew an Existing RSO

Annual Renewal

Each spring every RSO is required to renew for the next academic year. The deadline to renew is by Friday, 5:00pm of Week 5 during the spring quarter.

Renewal Requirements

In order to renew your RSO, your student organization (club) must first meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have at least 2 undergraduate students serve as club officers, particularly president and treasurer
  • Have at least 15 self-selecting members, which may include club officers
  • Have all club officers be undergraduate students
  • Have a majority of members be undergraduate students

Having an advisor is also required. However, your club is automatically assigned an advisor through the Center for Student Involvement, specifically Lori Salazar who is the Assistant Director for Student Organizations.

Although not required, you may have an additional faculty/staff advisor. Regardless, you will at least have a Center for Student Involvement advisor who counts as your required advisor.

Renewal Process

Complete the online RSO Renewal Form.

Here are a few steps described in detail:

Renewal Approval

Once your club has submitted all required material as part of the renewal process, the Center for Student Involvement performs a review of eligibility to ensure all requirements are fulfilled. If so, you will be contacted to formally announce that your RSO is renewed for the next academic year.

For More Information

Contact: Lori Salazar