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Newly Admitted

Congratulations Future Broncos!

On behalf of the John B. Drahmann Academic Advising and Learning Resources Center, welcome to Santa Clara University!

The Drahmann Center is home for undergraduate academic advising and provides academic support in collaboration with assigned faculty advisors. We are one of the main resources for all things Santa Clara. We are equipped to discuss the process of advising and registration, Core Curriculum, and major and minor course planning. We also provide academic learning resources and tutoring services.

Summer Advising and Enrollment

The information provided below is intended for students who are committed to attending Santa Clara in fall 2023.

Students committed to attending Santa Clara should register for an Advising and Enrollment Session. The sessions will be held online and serve as an opportunity for students to work with summer academic advisors to enroll in fall term classes.

To register for an academic advising and enrollment session please click the link below:

  • Please use your personal email to log in

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

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