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Transfer Students

Transfer Student Infographic

Advising for Transfer Students - Guiding Principles

An important consideration for transfer students is deciding when to begin their work at Santa Clara University. Once you matriculate, all coursework for your degree must be completed at SCU. Deciding on how long you will be at Santa Clara, based on budget and other factors, and carefully planning your coursework to complete your chosen major and degree is essential prior to matriculation.

General Information for Successful Transfer Students

To be a viable transfer student AND complete your degree in a timely manner (2 or 3 years in residence at SCU), it is important to try to complete as many classes as you can in your major prior to matriculation.

  • For department/major degree requirements, go to: Student Advising Resources

  • If you plan on being at Santa Clara for 3 years, you should have completed much of the first year curriculum plan for your specific major or general area of interest. This will help you start at Santa Clara in good academic standing and be able to plan your curriculum to take advantage of co-curricular activities such as undergraduate research and student life programs. You can review the example curricula for the first year for most majors here.

  • If you plan to complete your degree in two years at SCU, contact the Department Chair of your major department to get more information and advice about courses to complete prior to matriculation. To complete your degree in two years at SCU, careful planning with a department faculty member/advisor is essential.

To learn more about specific recommendations for Fall or Winter transfer students go to the those specific transfer advising pages below.

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