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Prospective Students

  • General Transfer Requirements: Transfer Students
  • General Transfer Guide: Transferring Credits (webpage where you can find Transfer Guide)
  • Tips for a Successful Application
    • Plan early
      The transfer process to Santa Clara requires careful planning ahead of time. Doing so will allow you to transfer the most amount of credits towards your degree. Reach out to your local college counselor to plan your current courses and seek support in progressing and succeeding at your current institution, in preparation for your transfer.
    • Do the research
      SCU offers a variety of majors and minors with a huge alumni network in the Bay Area and worldwide. Look up the various options provided through the different colleges and pick the one that best suits your career goals.
    • Understand the requirements
      Once you have done your research, take time to understand the different major and core requirements so you can plan your academic schedules at your current institution accordingly. You can review the General Transfer Guides to aid your planning process.
    • Keep it going!
      Focus on enjoying your learning experience and don’t allow an unsuccessful quarter or a course discourage you.
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