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Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica received a $2,629,687 award from the US Department of Education

Claudia Rodriguez-Mojica with the School of Education and Counseling Psychology has received a $2,629,687.00 award from the US Department of Education. This award will support her project "Bilingual/Biliterate Instruction for Bilingual Youth (BBILY)".
The evidence-based BBILY project will develop high-quality online workshops in Spanish for k-8 Dual Language (DL) educators. BBILY workshops will provide preservice and inservice teachers in California and New Mexico with professional development to improve instruction for ELs by building content vocabulary, comprehension, and writing, and support teachers’ accurate and timely use of data. BBILY will also promote strong school-home partnerships by providing EL caregivers with evidence-based strategies for promoting content literacy and supporting caregiver-teacher collaboration through shared workshops.