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Department ofApplied Mathematics


Master of Science Program

The Applied Mathematics Program is open to those students who have earned a B.S. degree in engineering, science, or mathematics, provided that the student has completed a program in undergraduate mathematics that parallels the program of the mathematics major at Santa Clara University. The undergraduate program at Santa Clara includes calculus and differential equations, abstract algebra, linear algebra, advanced calculus and/or real analysis; and a minimum of five upper-division courses chosen from the areas of analysis, complex variables, partial differential equations, numerical analysis, logic, probability, and statistics.

Courses for the master's degree must result in a total of 45 units. These units may include courses from other fields with permission of the Applied Mathematics Department advisor. A minimum of 12 quarter units must be in 300-level courses.

Career Opportunities

Students who earn a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics gain knowledge in mathematics and statistics and learn how to apply this knowledge to tackle problems in engineering and other fields. Graduates find employment as

  • Industrial mathematicians, scientists, and engineers
  • Actuaries
  • Researchers
  • Consultants
  • Community college instructors
Master of Science in Applied Mathematics with Concentration in Mathematical Finance

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