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Dan Trepanier

Dan Trepanier

MSFA Director, Adjunct Lecturer, Finance

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Dan Trepanier is MSFA Director and adjunct lecturer in the Finance department.

Dan was most recently CEO of Xambala, an electronic market maker in US Equities where he led Xambala’s pivot from a hardware fabless semiconductor vendor to a proprietary trading firm. He built the team for the new business model, grew the revenue and ultimately sold the firm to Final, an Israel based trading firm. Prior to Xambala, Dan was founder of Quake Technologies, a semiconductor firm that led the development of 10 G Ethernet networking technology. He sold the firm after growing it to profitability.

Dan received a BScE (Electrical) from Queen’s University and his MBA from NYU. In his spare time Dan enjoys running, yoga, and sailing.