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Sriram Sundararajan

Sriram Sundararajan headshot
Sriram Sundararajan
Managing Partner, Hypergrowth Labs, USA

Sriram is a VC, investor, entrepreneur, educator and a startup mentor based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Sriram has been mentoring startup entrepreneurs on their strategy for growth and scale for over 15 years.

Sriram is a Managing Partner with HyperGrowth Labs, a US based startup advisory firm and fund. He is an advisor to the Bronco Venture Accelerator and Bronco Venture Fund at Santa Clara University where he helps with the accelerator programs, deal flow and investment due diligence. As a Venture Partner with WeFunder, he also invests as an angel and lead investor in startups which are aligned with his investment principles. He is the creator of BuildAVenture™, a startup accelerator model designed for quick start initiatives at Schools, Universities and Corporates. As an entrepreneur, he is a co-founder at Hyperstack, a Blockchain based credentialing startup which aims to disrupt the world of certificates and badges

Sriram is an adjunct faculty at Stanford University, Santa Clara University and University of San Francisco. At Stanford, he teaches management consulting to postdocs and graduate students. At Santa Clara University, Sriram teaches marketing courses to undergraduates and graduate students. At USF, Sriram teaches a course on Technology enabled operations to MBA students

He is a former management consultant and previously used to work at PwC in San Jose, CA. He has experience working with Global clients on their strategic transformation around sales and marketing, customer experience and operations. During his tenure at PwC, he also led strategic partnerships and business development with emerging tech startups in the startup ecosystem

In his leisure, he also advises and mentors students on their career aspirations around entrepreneurship and management consulting.

Sriram is passionate about diversity, equality and inclusion. He is on a mission to raise digital awareness by 2025 amongst 1 million digitally marginalized students in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities around the world through a digital offering called UpSkill 2.0™