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Tarren Kramer
Tarren Kramer

Political Science, Class of 2020

There is no place like home

“Okay, I know I’m going here! I realize it is 8 o’clock at night and no one is on campus, but I just feel like I’m home.” 

That’s what Tarren Kramer ’20 said to her parents when she visited Santa Clara’s Preview Day as a senior in high school from Scottsdale, Arizona. She had toured lots of other schools but none had the overwhelming draw that Santa Clara University had on her.

Of course, it didn’t hurt to have the encouragement of her parents, both Broncos, who met their freshman year in Graham Hall. Tarren reflects on the coincidence and also what her dad said when she was a Community Facilitator (Resident Assistant) in the exact same dorm, “When we used to live in Graham, we had our own pool.” She laughs, “He always likes to throw that out there.”  

As a Political Science major with an emphasis in International Relations and double minors in Spanish and International Business, Tarren’s career opportunities are bright. But she admits none of them would be a possibility without the scholarship assistance she has received. She was the first of her siblings to attend college and the financial strain on the family wouldn’t have allowed her to attend SCU. Having been the recipient of such generosity has inspired her to pay it forward whenever possible.

To say Tarren has made the most of her time here is an understatement. She volunteers for various university events, greeting guests and expressing her gratitude to donors—including those who support the Santa Clara Fund. She is also involved in Student Government, works in the de Saisset Museum, and is a member of the Model United Nations Team.  

The well-rounded education she receives at Santa Clara has made an impact on Tarren’s own perspective. After taking a political science course with Dr. Terri Peretti, she found her calling.

“It’s all about relationships, events, and what’s going on in the world.” She goes on to say, “I think it’s really cool to see how different things are working together to create a kind of larger organization—I just love it so much.” 

When asked about what makes Santa Clara so special to her, she is quick to respond. “It’s the Community. The people I’ve met here and the relationships I’ve had are honestly something I never would have expected.” Just like that feeling she got when she first stepped on campus. She’s home.

-Carrie Jensen