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Student Stories

Raechel Guevara

Small Town, Big Dreams

From Patterson to a promising future, Raechel Guevara’s inspirational journey

Ameha Teshome ’23

Finding Your Voice

Ameha Teshome ’23 came to Santa Clara to learn about data science, but says he learned even more about community.

Julian Brown

Meet Julian Brown, Aspiring Aeronautical Engineer

The Sky is not the limit, it is just the beginning.

Karime Rivera, Class of 2026

Meet Karime Rivera, Class of 2026, Recipient of Santa Clara Fund Support

Current bioengineering student, Karime Rivera, reaches for her dreams while encouraging fellow Latina/o/x students to pursue STEM degrees and careers.

Caedmon Fisher

Meet Caedmon Fisher ’23, Father Coz Scholarship Recipient

A firm believer in the adage “what goes around comes around,” and hopes that he is one day in a position to help other the way he was helped.

Victor Calata-Gentil

Meet Victor Catala-Gentil, Class of 2024, Recipient of Santa Clara Fund Support

Mechanical Engineering student Victor Calata-Gentil has his sights set on his future, but his feet are firmly planted in mentorship and paying it forward.

Claire Doud

Meet Claire Doud ’23, Father Coz Scholarship Recipient

Beach Volleyball student-athlete taking advantage of all SCU has to offer. 

Christopher Arellano Reyes

Meet Christopher Arellano Reyes, Class of 2023, Recipient of Santa Clara Fund Support

Using his Santa Clara education to pursue medicine and give back to the community he grew up in. 

Cristian Medal ’24

Meet Cristian Medal ’24, Father Coz Scholarship Recipient

Intrigued by the possibilities offered by tech innovation, Computer Science and Engineering double-major hopes to make a positive impact on the world.

Carolyn Kuimelis

Meet Carolyn Kuimelis, Class of 2022

Future journalist, senior Carolyn Kuimelis, aspires to live her life and build a career with integrity and the search for truth.

Christopher, Hayley and Jacob

Pursuing Their Professional Passion

Meaningful internships enhance students' sense of self, whole serving local communities.

Keanu Dayton ’24

Meet Keanu Dayton ’24, Father Coz Scholarship Recipient

Laying the foundation at SCU for what he can begin to accomplish in his professional career

Alex Loera playing soccer

Alex Loera, Student-Athlete to Pro Soccer Player

Learning Life Lessons On and Off the Field.

Mai Sinada

Meet Mai Sinada, Class of 2021, Recipient of Santa Clara Fund Support

A Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering Major dedicated to the Santa Clara principle of Cura Personalis.

Connor Thomas

Putting Innovative Ideas Into Action

Sustainable solutions from talented future leaders like Connor play a critical role in serving society where it’s needed most.

John Paul Kraus ’22

Meet John Paul Kraus ’22, Father Coz Scholarship Recipient

Rugby player who credits SCU for helping him to develop the passions and skills for a more meaningful life.

A Splash of Resilience and Unity

A Splash of Resilience and Unity

With support from the Women’s Water Polo Endowment Fund, the team is ready to come back stronger than ever!

Tarren Kramer

Meet Tarren Kramer, Class of 2020, Recipient of Santa Clara Fund Support

Having been the recipient of donor generosity, Tarren Kramer is inspired to pay it forward whenever possible.

Isabella Brown

Meet Isabella Brown, Class of 2021, Recipient of Santa Clara Fund Support

Thriving at SCU thanks in part to diverse programs, such as the LEAD Scholars Program and the Bronco Pep Band. 

Eoin Lyons

Ensuring Unimaginable Opportunity

Eoin Lyons ’19 took full advantage of his SCU education as the first in his family to graduate college.