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University International Travel Policy


University International Travel Policy COVID-19 Addendum

On April 21, 2021 the Department of State (DOS) travel advisory system was changed to give primary importance to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 Travel Health Notices during the pandemic.  In consideration of the updated DOS advice to universities and organizations to rely more fully on CDC recommendations, as well as other sources, in reviewing and approving international travel, Santa Clara University will consider the sources below.  SCU will support university-sponsored international travel to destinations with:

In considering exceptions for student programs, we may also give consideration to:

  • Infrastructure for student support on-site including, but not limited to: University staffing, campus health centers, program center staffing, COVID-19 specific protocols, designated alternative programming;
  • SCU sponsoring department infrastructure including such as involvement of deans, availability of full-time exempt staff for the duration of the program, financial policies and procedures in place to support program adjustments/cancelations, academic policies to address credit;
  • Local measures put in place for pandemic such as travel restrictions testing, quarantine, lockdowns; 
  • Other relevant data

Approved May 12, 2021

Scope of University International Travel Policy

This policy governs all education abroad opportunities sponsored or co-sponsored by the University. This includes undergraduate, graduate, professional degree or certificate programs, or autonomous programs arranged by a campus, a school, or a department.

University Sponsored International Travel

University sponsored travel includes education abroad opportunities organized, developed, or administered by specific colleges, departments, or Santa Clara University employees as approved by the Associate Provost for International Programs, the Provost and the Travel Policy Advisory Committee. Education abroad opportunities include but are not limited to credit-bearing and non-credit bearing experiences such as: study abroad programs, internships, field studies, service learning, research, volunteer or work programs, fellowships, or professional development activities sponsored or endorsed by the University.

The University supports the travel of students, faculty, and staff to countries:

  • With a US Department of State overall Travel Advisory Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions or Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution
  • Where there is no obvious risk to a participant’s health, safety, or to the likelihood of being able to successfully carry out the goals of the education abroad program
  • Certain areas within countries with an overall advisory Level 1 or Level 2 may be designated Level 3: Reconsider Travel or Level 4: Do Not Travel and university-sponsored travel may not take place in these areas
  • University sponsored travel is not supported to countries with an overall DOS Travel Advisory Level 3: Reconsider Travel or Level 4: Do Not Travel unless the Provost grants an exception

The Associate Provost for International Programs grants approval for university-sponsored international travel. S/he may engage the Travel Policy Advisory Committee in his/her decision. SCU Program Coordinators are expected to adhere to the responsibilities outlined in the International Travel Procedure. Approval is contingent upon continual monitoring of global health and safety conditions.

Prior approval of University-sponsored travel may be rescinded at any time if travel involves countries in which:

Non-University-Sponsored Travel

These are international programs that have no formal affiliation with and/or are not approved by Santa Clara University.

International Travel Policy

When assessing the health and safety conditions for existing and potential education abroad opportunities, in addition to other sources of evidence of potential risk to participants, Santa Clara University gives primary consideration to Travel Advisories issued by the U.S. Department of State. Santa Clara University does not support travel to countries that are under a DOS Travel Advisory Level 3 or Level 4 nor approve transit through or stopovers in these countries, unless the Provost grants an exception.

In addition to DOS Travel Advisories, the University gives particular consideration to health and safety risks articulated by:

Related Procedure

Policy History

  • Policy initiated April 13, 2004
  • September 2013 policy updated to separate procedures
  • February 2018 policy updated to reflect January 10, 2018 nomenclature changes from the US Department of State

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