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Getting to Know Felipe Schreiner ’27

An avid car enthusiast, Felipe Schreiner ’27 was drawn to SCU’s business program—one of the top 50 in the country.
September 18, 2023
By Nicole Calande
A young man in a black t-shirt and jeans stands under a balloon arch and the Bronco statue.
| Photo provided by Felipe Schreiner ’27

Santa Clara welcomed more than 1,500 students to campus during Welcome Weekend 2023. The Class of 2027 features students from 41 states and 34 countries around the world, each with their own story. As our newest Broncos got settled into residence halls, we caught up with a few to get their feelings on starting life at SCU.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve always been very outgoing and open to trying new things. In high school, I did soccer, swimming, and wrestling—and while I enjoy soccer (my parents are from Brazil) I’ve always been drawn to individual sports. I also started and was president of my own automotive club because I love the engineering aspect of cars and watching Formula One racing. My dream car is the McLaren Senna, which was named after [Ayrton Senna], a famous Brazilian F1 driver.

What was your first impression of Santa Clara?

My family and I are pretty local—I was born in Santa Clara and moved to San Ramon when I was 4. But my family often comes back to this area to spend time at Santana Row. On one of those visits last November, my parents suggested we check out Santa Clara University, and from my first look at the fountain and the Mission Church, I just fell in love with the campus and how well-maintained it is. Seeing how happy everyone was going to class, it seemed like a super friendly, tight-knit community that cared for their campus. I think community is a big thing for me—it’s important to be there for others and make sure everyone feels involved.

What are you hoping to study?

I’ve always known I wanted to major in finance or business administration. I love stories of people starting from nothing and working hard to build something up. My dad also does that, so I’m eager to follow in his footsteps. My goal is to leverage my knowledge of business to have a good career and be able to provide for a family as he does. Seeing how good Santa Clara’s business and finance programs were in comparison to other really great schools in California was actually the deciding factor that made me choose to come here. I’m also going to rush one of the professional fraternities to build connections and benefit my academics.

What other extracurriculars are you excited about participating in?

My family and I have always been involved with volunteering at food banks. We’ve even volunteered at a farm in Pleasanton where we harvested fruits and vegetables that went to food banks. It’s a good feeling knowing that you’re giving back to the community in that way, and I could definitely see myself getting involved with something like that at Santa Clara.

I also want to be as involved with intramural sports as I can. Don’t be shy if you see me at the Malley Center.

How do you see yourself growing at Santa Clara?

Being a part of the Cura RLC in Finn Hall, I know I’m going to develop into a person with integrity and ethics. From the friends I make to the professors who’ll mentor me, I know a lot of the connections I’m going to make with people will be lifelong connections.