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Cura - Finn Hall

Cura RLC

Cura Residential Learning Community is a mini-suite style, co-ed community of first and second year students, focused on the theme of cura personalis or care for the whole person. 

The Cura Residential Learning Community (RLC) constructs its communal life around the theme of well-being, inherent in the Jesuit value of Cura Personalis (care for the whole person). Students take advantage of Silicon Valley’s spirit of innovation, personal discovery and adventure, while also immersing themselves in that which promotes well-being in the physical, emotional, and spiritual sense. Developing a deep awareness of self and the lifelong habits that will allow students to thrive in college and beyond are the central focus of the Cura RLC.

Cura explores well-being through eight dimensions: social, environmental, occupational, spiritual, financial, emotional, intellectual, and physical. Each quarter, one dimension is highlighted a week. 

Our living space is co-ed, with approximately 370 first and second year students that call the building home. As the newest community on campus, Cura will learn community dynamics and establish new traditions as it grows.

Every Residential Learning Community offers several programs and events each week. Community Facilitators and Leadership Councils host floor and building-wide socials, facilitate activities to promote wellness and mental health, lead students to on-campus events, and organize service opportunities. 

In Cura's first year, it will establish new traditions and events. In fall of 2019, these include a Monday evening community meal, a Monday night yoga class, Tuesday club meetings, Wednesday well-being workshops, and weekend adventures off campus. 

Theme programming focuses on exploring one dimension of well-being a week, and includes a well-being focused retreat in the fall, a 2-unit course introducing students to the dimensions of well-being, and the weekly well-being workshops. Follow Cura on Instagram @curarlc for the most up to date theme information.

Our staff is comprised of 12 Community Facilitators, 1 Spirituality Facilitator, 1 Faculty Director, 2 Assistant Resident Directors, and 1 Resident Director. CFs in Finn work closely with a wing partner, in addition to the other two CFs on their floor.

The Cura 2019-2020 team includes:

Leadership Team

  • Kori Lennon, M.Ed., Resident Director
  • Chan Thai, Ph.D., Communications Department, Faculty Director
  • Patrick Wade, Assistant Resident Director
  • Abha Sharma, Assistant Resident Director
  • Hannah Cooper, Spirituality Facilitator

Community Facilitators

CFs in Finn support a wing of approximately 30 students. All student staff on campus recieve training in conflict resolution and roommate mediation, crisis response, community building, and campus resources, and are present in their community to support their residents. Students can contact their Community Facilitator or Leadership Team directly for support.

Finn Residence Hall

Finn is a four-story, Y-Shaped building with three wings, located across the street from Safeway. Students live in mini-suites, with a shared toilet and shower area, and a sink and vanity in each double room. Approximately 30 students live on each of the twelve wings, with one Community Facilitator on each wing.

At the center of each of the four floors, a large, open kitchen and lounge area serves as the primary communical space. A different gaming table is located in this area on each floor. Each wing has a small lounge area and glass-walled study space. There are also laundry rooms located near the central lounge on of each of the four floors. On the first floor, a large multi-purpose room serves as a community-wide gathering space and classroom.

In the space directly outside of the buiding, a gas grill area and patio seating are available to Finn residents.

Each student living in a Finn mini-suite double is provided a twin XL bed frame and mattress, desk, rolling desk cabinet, desk chair, and set of three stacking dresser drawers. Two shared spaces not pictured include the closet and vanity with sink, cabinet, and drawers. 

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    Each RLC is coordinated by Leadership Team comprised of a live-in Resident Director (RD), Faculty Director (FD), Spirituality Facilitator(s), and Assistant Resident Director(s). Your RLC’s Leadership Team is a valuable resource and its members can help you with both personal and academic concerns.

Kori Lennonimage

Resident Director

Kori Lennon

Chan Thaiimage

Faculty Director

Chan Thai