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Explore the "How Do I..." section to learn about the various Housing & Residence Life processes. This is a good place to start to obtain information about the various procedures and policies that pertain to living on campus at SCU. The "How Do I" section also provides insights on how to access the numerous resources available to you within the residence halls! Of course, never hesitate to contact us directly if you have a more specific question! 

Housing Application Information

Click here to gain access to your  SCU Housing Portal

The housing application process varies depending on your student status. Learn about the application process specific to you!

Resident Dining Plans, Room Change Requests & the Housing Contract

If you live on-campus, you will need to choose from one of the four available Resident Dining Plan options. 

Learn more about the various dining plans and how the Resident Dining Plans work at SCU. 

Dining plans can only be changed for the upcoming quarter - in other words, you can't change your dining plan in the midst of the current quarter. If you wish to change your dining plan for the coming quarter, please make sure to submit your request by the applicable deadline for that specific quarter. Learn the deadlines as well as more information about the process for submitting a request to change your Resident Dining Plan

During the beginning of each quarter, your can submit a request to change your room assignment. Learn more about the process for changing your room assignment during the room change request period

To submit a request to cancel your housing contract during the academic year, you must either be withdrawing from the university, transferring or studying abroad. Learn more about the Housing Cancellation Request Process

Maintenance Requests, Lock Outs, Community Damage Policy & Postings

The time of day and as well as day of the week will determine what you'll need to do if you're locked out of your room. Learn more!

Community Damage is damage done to public areas that would not be considered individual room damage. The public-area losses or damages that are preventable (such as broken windows, stolen furniture, damaged light fixtures, and elevator vandalism) but which are not assignable to individuals will be billed in equal amounts to the residents of the floor or building community, or as determined by building staff. It is the responsibility of all residents to be aware of their environment and to hold students who vandalize property accountable. Learn about Housing & Residence Life's Community Damage & Responsibility Policy

The Repair & Replacement Charges are the minimum charges assessed for any damages that transpire both in community spaces as well as within individual student rooms. These charges are applied to students' accounts so the University can recoup any losses incurred as a result of damage or excessive cleaning needs caused by students. 

Advertising events in the residence halls can assist student organizations as well as University departments in maximizing exposure by reaching students in the various communities.

Learn more about the options for publicizing events in residence halls!

Additional Campus Resources & Information

You'll apply for an on-campus Parking Permit through your eCampus account. Learn more about parking permits and the application process through Parking Services.

The Housing Office assigns specific mailbox numbers to all on campus students, except those living in Neighborhood Units, as mail is delivered directly to the physical address of the Neighborhood Unit. You can find your mailbox number within your Housing Application in eCampus. If you have difficulty finding your mailbox number, contact the Housing Office and we'll be happy to assist you!


All mail may be picked up at the Campus Post Office, which is located in the Facilities/Support Service Building (Building #604). 


How is on-campus resident mail addressed? 

Your Name
500 El Camino Real 
Santa Clara, CA 95053
*XXXX = your four digit mailbox number

The above address format does not apply to the Neighborhood Units; utilize the physical address of your Neighborhood Unit as your mailing address.

Learn about the various means of technology available for you to utilize within the residence halls!

Connect to Bronco WiFi

Connect to SmartPrint Stations

Access your Xfinity On Campus Account