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Safety & Security

Safety and security are of the utmost importance in each of our communities.  All residence halls require ACCESS Cards for entry. Only residents who live in a designated community have access to the living space of that community and all other parties will be treated as guests (Please see handbook for guest policies).  Our halls are generally very safe, but also rely on residents keeping them safe.

Once you leave your room, make sure to lock your door, even if you are just going next door.  Although you feel safe in your residence hall, it is important that you protect your personal items and your roommate's items from theft. Use locks for valuable electronics when possible and be mindful when bringing other valuable objects to the community. Be careful about leaving belongings in common spaces such as lobbies, lounges, and kitchens as items may be taken if left unattended.

When you enter your building and let a stranger into the building out of kindness, you may be allowing a potential threat into your and your neighbor's home. Be vigilant when letting people follow you into the building or opening doors for strangers. By letting another person enter into the community SCU will assume that they are your guest and you assume responsibility for their actions and behavior. Front desk receptionists are asked to never open entrance doors.

Help keep your community safe by by being an active member in the safety of your community. Please help by reporting any suspicious individuals or behaviors to an on-call staff member or directly to Campus Safety Services.