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On-Campus Living

Fall 2020 On-Campus Housing Update

Given the necessity to protect our campus from worsening COVID-19 trends, fall 2020 campus housing contracts will be canceled. We strongly recommend students reconsider housing plans and remain home this fall.  Emergency housing for undergraduate students will be available for those meeting one of the criteria below. 

  • Safety and Security: Student from a home environment that is not safe or healthy; where a member of their household has a chronic illness or is terminally ill; or a student with an approved accommodation under ADA.
  • Housing Insecure: Students who are homeless, or who do not have a permanent residence to which they can return; or international students who are currently in the US who have immigration, travel, and/or visa restrictions or are without off-campus housing options.
  • Academic Success: Students who identify on-campus housing as necessary to serve their academic success. This includes students with extremely limited internet connectivity at home; a requirement for in-person course attendance to make progress toward their degree; student athletes; or students who are unable to effectively study from an off-campus location.
  • Financial Security: Students who have a financial hardship for which the student needs campus accommodations (in consultation with the Financial Aid Office).

If you believe you meet one or more of these criteria, you must log into your Housing portal via eCampus starting Monday, August 10 and complete a supplemental application by Monday August 17. Applications will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis. 

In the coming days, we will have additional details. Only those students who receive an assignment through the supplemental application process will be billed for student housing and meal plans once fall assignments are confirmed.

Housing FAQ
We realize that you will have questions as students and families plan for the upcoming academic year. Please review these updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for additional information.

Room and Board Rates
To account for shortened time on-campus, we have developed an adjusted fall room and board rate structure for students who have received emergency housing on campus. Most students will be charged the standard double rate even though they will be in single accommodations. The fall rates will be prorated to acknowledge the early Thanksgiving departure.

Alternative Housing Resources
Students who do not qualify for an emergency housing assignment for fall 2020 are strongly enouraged to remain at their permanent residence for the term. If this is not an option, students may consider these nearby local housing and long-term hotel accommodations.


Whether you're a first-year student living within one of our Residential Learning Communities or a senior enjoying apartment living, you'll find an engaging, dynamic, & supportive On-Campus Living experience!

Living on campus is a unique opportunity in which you'll live and learn among a diverse community of students. You’ll live in a community which will enhance your academic endeavors while at the same time helping you to foster life-long friendships all while receiving support that will go a long way towards your success as a student! Explore and find out more about On-Campus Living at Santa Clara University!


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