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Office of Residence Life

The entire Residence Life team!

The 2015 Residence Life / RLC Team!

Within the residence halls at Santa Clara University, live-in professional & student staff, as well as faculty members, are present to provide support and guidance throughout your time living on campus...

Learn more about the staff and faculty positions of those who live & work within the residence halls!

Live-In Professional Staff

Resident Director: A Master’s degree professional full-time staff person who possesses expertise in the area of student development, group dynamics, and community development. The primary role of the RD is to facilitate the development of the Residential Learning Community in conjunction with the other members of the Leadership Team by helping to create a community that allows for the academic, social and spiritual growth of all residents. RDs coordinate all activities within each Residential Learning Community as well as lead, develop & supervise the student staff that work within the RLC.

Area Coordinator: The Area Coordinator is also a Master’s degree professional full-time staff person who possesses expertise in the area of student development, group dynamics, and community development, specifically with our upperclassmen students in the University Villas community. The AC leads a team at the University Villas in order to provide intentional opportunities for growth for the students living within the community. The Area Coordinator also coordinates a number of centralized tasks for the department.

Faculty in the Residential Learning Communities

Faculty Director: Each Residential Learning Community is co-led by Faculty Director and Resident Director (RD). The FD is responsible for integrated education within the community which includes the curriculum. The Faculty Director works closely with the professors of the courses offered through the RLC and with the Resident Director to ensure the connection between the curricular and the co-curricular (the in and out of classroom learning). FDs live in the community and are regularly available for consultation or general interaction with members of the community.

Residence Life Student Staff

Assistant Resident Director: The Assistant Resident Directors  (ARDs) assist the Resident Directors (RD) and serve as a members of the Residential Learning Community (RLC) Leadership Teams. ARDs contribute to the development of a community of scholars in their RLC by assisting the academic and personal development of residents and Community Facilitators (CFs), advising Community Council, coordinating service desk operations, assisting in RLC operations, and by promoting and supporting an inclusive environment.

Assistant Area Coordinator: The Assistant Area Coordinators (AACs) is similar role to the ARD position, however, the AACs assist the Area Coordinator and serve members of the University Villas Leadership Team. They work closely with the AC on the overall development of the community and supervision of the student staff. AACs contribute to the development of an upperclassmen community in the Villas by assisting with the academic and personal development of residents and Neighborhood Representatives (NRs) and by promoting and supporting an inclusive environment.

Community Facilitator: Community Facilitators (CFs) are integral members of each RLC and contribute fully to the community development aspect of each Residential Learning Community. CFs are undergraduate students who have at least one year of experience at SCU and who have received extensive training as peer educators and leaders. CFs educate residents about academic achievement, community living, and personal development, both formally (through meetings and programs) and informally (by role modeling). Maintaining a cooperative atmosphere where groups of students with different lifestyles coexist is perhaps a CF’s most challenging and vital responsibility. 

Neighborhood Representative: Living in the University Villas, Neighborhood Representatives (NRs) provide support for upperclassmen living in the community. NRs are either juniors or seniors who have received extensive training as peer educators and leaders. They provide an upper-class student presence to be a resource for students in their respective buildings and provide programs and opportunities for the community. Neighborhood Representatives assist with the personal development of residents, promote and support an inclusive environment in which differences are thoughtfully explored, and work collaboratively to build community in the University Villas.

Graduate Students fostering Pastoral Care & Mentorship within the RLCs

Spirituality Facilitator: The Spirituality Facilitators (SFs) reside within the residence halls and are integrated members of the floor and building communities. SFs are graduate students studying at Santa Clara University and provide mentorship and pastoral care for students within the residence halls.  The Spirituality Facilitator serves in a collaborative role with both the community’s Leadership Team and Campus Ministry staff in overall program development to support the vocational, spiritual, intellectual, personal, and social development of each student.

Meet the Residence Life Team!

Residence Life Professional & Senior Staff