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Learn About the Community Responsibility Policy?

Community Responsibility & Damage Policy

It is the policy of Santa Clara University and the Offices of Housing and Residence Life that students share in the responsibility of setting and maintaining a studious and respectful environment in the campus residence halls. Resident students are entitled to an atmosphere that facilitates personal growth and encourages pursuit of academic endeavors. Each student shares in the effort to maintain a high quality of residence life.

In light of the above, the Offices of Housing and Residence Life endorse the following policy regarding damage in the residence halls:

  • Any damage which is the result of accidental or deliberate actions of an individual or group is the responsibility of the person(s) rather than the resident population as a whole. Every attempt will be made to identify the individual(s) responsible for the damage. These individuals will be charged with the cost of the damage in addition to other appropriate sanctions determined by the administration.
  • When deliberate or accidental damage is not assigned to an individual or group, the burden of repair costs will be shared by all residents of that living unit or section. The damage costs are pro-rated among those students who are in the position to prevent damage from occurring or to identify specific individuals who are responsible.
  • The Offices of Housing and Residence Life believe that residence hall living is a privilege and students need to be aware of concerns within their community and to report them, when appropriate.
  • Vandalism in residence halls is a problem with financial, psychological and social impacts on those affected. Some consequences include inconvenience, safety hazards, extra work for building maintenance and custodial staff and lower morale. In addition, monies set aside for enhancement items, i.e., furniture, microwaves, etc., must be spent on repairs due to vandalism. Students held responsible for vandalism will be promptly referred for appropriate disciplinary action. Such acts are not tolerated.

By expecting students to take responsibility for their living environment, we strive to instill a sense of community and pride in their living accommodations.