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RLC Request Form for Off Campus Students

RLC Request Form For Off Campus Students

The Following Off Campus Residential Learning Community Request Form is for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who are living off campus. Please read below:
Please note: Incoming First-Year students should complete the Residency Requirement Exception form found in their housing portal.
Being a member of the Residential Learning Communities requires active engagement and  participation in the events and activities of the community.   Each community has their own traditions and events and you will be asked to participate similar to those living in the community itself.
Students must be in good judicial standing.  Access to the Residential Learning Communities can be removed due to conduct concerns.
Once requests are reviewed by the Resident Director of the RLC you are hoping to be a part of, you will receive an email with a decision. Please keep in mind that submission of the form does not grant automatic approval and access. If you have any additional questions please email To submit the form, please click the hyperlink below.