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Therapists in Residence

Flexible mental health support integrated throughout our campus

Therapists in Residence are licensed providers from CAPS and confidential resources that aim to address the mental health needs of undergraduate students who live on campus while also supporting the specific emotional needs of Residence Life staff.
Services in Residential Learning Communities
  • Consultation Hours: Undergraduate students who live on-campus can sign-up for free confidential in-person meetings. These sessions can be scheduled on the same day, next day or same week (Monday - Friday) and are 45 minutes long. Therapists in Residence conduct these sessions in their offices located in the residential communities. During these non-crisis consultations, students can address immediate concerns and get connected to further resources. 
  • Supporting Residence Life Student Staff: Therapists in Residence provide weekly support groups for Residence Life student staff. These groups build community, empower staff resilience, and reinforce coping skills so that the student staff can best support their residents. 
  • Programming: Therapists in Residence design and conduct workshops to equip students with relevant skills and practices for their mental wellbeing.
  • Outreach: Therapists in Residence facilitate outreach opportunities in the Residence Learning Communities by attending and/or supporting community programs.


Schedule an appointment

Option 1: Cowell Health Portal
  • Login and click "Schedule an Appointment"
  • Sign up for a consultation appointment with the Therapist in Residence of your choice according to your time, RLC office preference and needs
  • Write a brief reason of the visit
  • The Therapist in Residence will send you a message in your Student Health Portal with further instructions
Option 2: Email the Therapist in Residence
  • Send an email to either:
  • Write a brief reason of the visit and note your availability
  • The Therapist in Residence will send you their appointment options where you can choose/confirm the best suited session time and location for you
  • The Therapist in Residence will book the appointment through your Student Health Portal and will send further instructions


Learn more about our Therapists in Residence: Justin Filiaggi, LPC, Mitchell Gale, LMFT, Melba Mathew, LMFT and Kristin Tappan, AMFT