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CAPS Liaisons

Specialized mental health resources and outreach for campus partners and student groups

The CAPS Liaisons program aims to ensure that the SCU community has accurate information about current CAPS services while providing specialized mental health resources and outreach. The CAPS Liaisons strive to connect their programs/departments with mental health services on campus and in the community. With the goal to increase access to mental health services for all students, the liaisons utilize a collaborative approach to address mental health needs within the units to ensure students feel heard, supported, and know how to access services.

What does a CAPS liaison do? 

A CAPS liaison is a member of the CAPS staff team who provides professional consultation and specialized outreach to campus partners and/or student groups. The liaison is your designated primary contact within CAPS for you to share information and connect students with professional support. 

CAPS liaison outreach offerings include: 

  • Presentations for staff and students on accessing CAPS services
  • Presentations and workshops for staff on topics related to mental health
  • Workshops for student staff (e.g., preventing burnout, combating vicarious/secondary trauma, self-care, de-escalation techniques, and more!)
  • Workshops for students (e.g., how to ask for help, navigating college as a first-generation/low-income student, sleep hygiene, mental health while abroad, adjusting to a new environment, homesickness, identity formation, and more!)
  • Updated flyers, resources, and publications for distribution to staff and students

What are the benefits of having a CAPS liaison?

  • Increased communication and information sharing between departments/groups
  • A streamlined referral process
  • Tailored mental health resources for your team and the students you serve
  • Someone who is available to answer your questions regarding mental health services and trends you are seeing on-campus

What is expected of my department/group if we request a CAPS liaison? 

  • Complete the interest form below and answer a few questions
  • Choose one person on your team who will be the primary contact for the CAPS liaison
  • Your primary contact will be invited to meet with their CAPS liaison at the beginning of each quarter to check-in, share information, and schedule relevant CAPS offerings (Please choose someone on your team who will have this availability)

If your department or student group is interested in receiving a CAPS liaison, please complete the Caps Liaison Interest Form and someone will contact you shortly.