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Frequently Asked Questions


Years of experience and demographic data have shown that students who fall ill and are unable to meet the costs of their medical needs often drop out of the university. Requiring adequate coverage under a health insurance plan enables students to seek medical treatment promptly and complete their academic goals. For this reason, we require all degree-seeking students enrolled at least half-time to have health insurance (excluding certificate and online programs). All F-1/J-1 visa students, regardless of number of units, are required to have insurance. Students required to have insurance are automatically enrolled in the SCU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

SCU students enrolled at least half-time (and ALL F-1/J-1 visa students) are automatically enrolled in the SCU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan. However, you have the option to waive SHIP enrollment if your current insurance plan meets certain requirements (click here for more information about requirements). A new waiver form must be submitted each academic year by the deadline, or you will be automatically enrolled into SHIP and your student account will be charged. Please note that J-1 visa students are NOT eligible to waive SHIP coverage. 

See Waiver Information for more deadlines, forms, and more.

Please note that it may take up to one week after registering for classes before students can access their health insurance waiver.

Yes—you may enroll in the SHIP by submitting a Petition to Add (PTA) form within 31 days of losing coverage under your current insurance plan. You can access the PTA form on the Gallagher site under “Student Access” on the left-hand side of the page.

See our Student Health Insurance Plan page for up-to-date information about policy dates and premium costs. Please note that the cost of the university-sponsored SHIP is not included in your tuition. This charge will show up as a separate item on your student account.

The SHIP covers U.S.-based students when they are away from SCU. Within the U.S., students will get the best benefits if they go to a provider contracted with the SHIP. While studying or traveling abroad, students will have to pay out-of-pocket for services but may submit a reimbursement claim upon their return to the U.S. Covered expenses will be reimbursed on an out-of-network basis. When submitting a claim for medical services purchased abroad, students must include an itemized bill in English (translated if needed). International students enrolled in the SHIP are covered as noted above while studying or traveling abroad, but not when they are in their home country.

See our Student Health Insurance Plan page to find contracted providers, claim forms, and more coverage information.

See our Student Health Insurance Plan page to find information on coverage and benefits, including vision and dental discounts.

No—all students are welcome to use the Cowell Center regardless of their coverage. The Cowell Center does not bill insurance companies. Any fees associated with your treatment (i.e. lab work, immunizations, medications) will be charged to your student account (see our Fees page for more information). You may request a receipt from the front desk at the Cowell Center to file a claim with your insurance company. If you are enrolled in the SHIP, you can find a Cowell Center Claim Form under “Benefits and Information” on our Student Health Insurance Plan page.

Students enrolled in the SHIP may take advantage of the Basix Dental Savings Program available through Gallagher Student Health. Basix is a discount program, not an insurance plan. See our Student Health Insurance Plan page to find information on dental discounts in the “Benefits and Information” section.

Students may also enroll into a separate dental plan with Delta Dental Care HMO during their open enrollment period in September and January. For information on the Delta Dental Care HMO plan, please visit here. for benefit and coverage information. Please note that the Delta Dental plan is an HMO plan and not a PPO plan—students must go to dental providers that accept this insurance.

You can call the Cowell Center’s Student Health Insurance Coordinator at (408) 554-2379. If you are currently enrolled in the SHIP, you may also contact Anthem Student Advantage at (800) 888-2108.