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Student Health Insurance

Fall 2017 Waiver is OPEN

The fall 2017 waiver is open for all students.  As a reminder, waivers must be completed every academic year.

Undergraduate and Graduate Waiver Deadline Date:  September 22, 2017.

Click Here to complete the waiver or insurance enrollment form, review the school sponsored United Healthcare PPO insurance benefits, as well as other important Gallagher Student Health information.

   Santa Clara University requires all degree seeking students enrolled at least half -time in their school or college to have health insurance (excluding certificate and online programs).   ALL F-1 visa students, regardless of number of units, are required to have insurance.  This requirement helps to protect against unexpected high medical cost and provides access to quality health care.

Students may purchase the university sponsored United Healthcare PPO- Health Insurance Plan, but are not required to if they can provide proof of other insurance coverage comparable to the United Healthcare PPO Health Insurance Plan as outlined in the benefit and waiver requirements below.  Students who are covered by an Affordable Care Act compliant plan and comparable to the Student Health Insurance Plan may complete the online waiver form documenting their own health insurance. The waiver form must be completed by the established deadline date or the student will be automatically enrolled into the school sponsored plan and their student account appropriately charged. The waiver is required every academic year.

Students should review specific waiver and requirement information by selecting their appropriate section under Student Health Insurance.

All students will be subject to the process below: 

  • By July 27, 2017 - Health insurance waiver must be completed to avoid your student account being charged for the annual health insurance.
  • After July 27, 2017 - Online Health Insurance Waiver Form must be completed by August 21, 2017 in order to have the health insurance charge reversed from the student account within 3-5 business days with no late fee.
  •  After August 21, 2017 - Students will be assessed a $100 late payment fee on their student account. This late payment fee cannot be contested and must be paid. 
  • By September 22, 2017 - The Online Health Insurance Waiver must be completed in order to have the health insurance charge reversed within 3-5 business days. All late payment fees will remain on the student account and must be paid.
  • After September 22, 2017 - The health insurance charge will remain on the student account until paid. THIS CHARGE WILL NOT BE REVERSED and must be paid along with all late payment fees. 

The cost of the university sponsored health insurance plan is not covered in your student tuition.  This charge will show up as a separate item on your student account.


The following types of insurance plans/programs are not acceptable and will not be considered:

  • Insurance plans that are called Travel Insurance do not provide acceptable coverage and may not be used for insurance coverage while at SCU.
  • Short Term Medical Plans that are available to purchase on a weekly or monthly basis are not acceptable coverage and may not be used at SCU.
  • Socialized medicine policies, including Canadian policies are not acceptable as insurance coverage while at SCU.
  • International insurance plans that are underwritten in a country outside of the United States are not acceptable as insurance coverage while at SCU.
  • California Medi-Cal health plans that do not have assigned benefit coverage in Santa Clara County.  Your Medi-Cal must have assigned benefits in Santa Clara County.
  • Out-of-state Medicaid insurance does not cover students in California and thus is not eligible coverage to complete the Waiver.

Additionally, your health insurance plan must include the following benefits/services:

  • Health insurance plans must provide coverage for medical evacuation of $50,000 and repatriation of remains of $25,000. (International Students)
  • Health insurance policy must provide unlimited lifetime maximum coverage. Benefits cannot have a specific maximum amount.
  • Pre-existing conditions must be coveredwith no waiting period.
  • Health insurance plans must provide coverage for inpatient and outpatient hospitalization in Santa Clara County, CA.
  • Health insurance plans must provide access to local doctors, specialist, hospitals and other health care providers in emergency and non-emergency situations in Santa Clara County, CA. 
  • Health insurance plans must provide coverage for lab work, diagnostic x-rays, Emergency room treatment, ambulance services and prescription coverage in Santa Clara County, CA.
  • Health insurance plans must provide coverage for inpatient and outpatient mental health.
  • Health insurance plan must be underwritten by a U.S. based insurance company.

Delta Dental Care HMO is now open for enrollment.  The annual dental plan dates are 9/1/17-8/31/18.


The annual 2017-2018 premiums are as follows:

Student only                                   $202.92
Student and Spouse   $348.24
Student and Children $353.64
Student & Family $509.28          

Click Here for Delta Dental benefit information and to enroll into the plan.


  1. Go to
  2. On the left toolbar, click ‘Account Home’.
  3. Log in (if you haven’t already).
  4. You will be redirected to the ‘Account Home’ page, then click on ‘Generate ID Card’ under ‘Coverage History’.