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CAPS 24/7

24/7 Mental Health Support @ (408) 554-5220

You’ve got a lot on your mind—and a lot to do. We’re here to support you with free, flexible options and tools to help lift you mentally and emotionally. CAPS 24/7 is a supplemental service for SCU students, offering a crisis hotline, referral support, therapy, and more. Call (408) 554-5220 any hour of the day or night to get started.
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Need to talk to a therapist now? Get 24/7 support at (408) 554-5220 (U.S.), or +44 20 8987 6588 (International). You’ll speak with a licensed mental health counselor who will listen, offer guidance, and help you set a plan.

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As an alternative to therapy at the Cowell Center, CAPS 24/7 will help you connect with licensed counselors to schedule session times that work for you. Counseling is available via video or in person, wherever you are.

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Our CAPS 24/7 patient navigator team can help you locate local or video counseling, as well as specialized treatment through your insurance.

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Bookmark the CAPS 24/7 Wellness Hub for tips on nurturing your mind and body, information on sex and relationships, time management advice, and easy access to CAPS 24/7 mental health services.

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Mindfulness, meditation, sleep, focus, fitness, & more. Build healthy habits and use Headspace anytime, anywhere. Create an account using your SCU Student ID Number (do not include initial zeros).

Frequently Asked Questions

Responsive, empathetic mental health support is available to full-time students, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any location by calling CAPS 24/7 at (408) 554-5220 (within the U.S.) or +44 20 8987 6588 (outside the U.S.).

Calls to CAPS 24/7 are answered by licensed master’s-level mental health clinicians—people who are there any time, day or night, to provide support and to help you address your immediate concerns. If you are in crisis, they will also review a care and safety plan as well as recommendations for next steps. If you are looking for individual therapy, they will help you connect with counselors in person or by video to schedule session times that work for you.They are also able to help you  or navigate .

  • The 24/7 Support Line Clinician will begin the call by collecting some demographic information from you.
  • You will be asked to share your:
    • Full name
    • Name of School
    • Student ID
    • Date of Birth
    • Phone number (in case the call is disconnected), and if it’s ok to leave you a message.
    • Email address
    • Physical Address (in case of emergency situation)
    • Preferred pronouns
  • The clinician will ask you how you heard about the program
  • The clinician will ask you to share the reason for your call, what your concern is, and what you are looking for (immediate support, a connection to counseling, or both).
  • The clinician may ask you a few screening questions including:
    • Whether the services you are requesting are related to drinking, drugs, or abuse of medication
    • Whether you currently have thoughts of harming yourself or anyone else
    • Whether child or elder abuse or domestic violence play any part in the problem for which you called

All services offered through CAPS, including calls to CAPS 24/7, are confidential. No information will be shared with anyone outside of the Cowell Center without your consent.

If you and the CAPS 24/7 clinician decide that a referral to ongoing in person therapy is appropriate, the clinician will try to connect you by phone—in that moment—with a therapist in the local community. If the therapist you’re calling is available, you can speak with them directly and schedule an appointment for the coming days. If the therapist is not available at the time of the call, the Find clinician will help you leave a voicemail for the therapist to call you back and review scheduling options.

If you and the CAPS 24/7 clinician decide that a referral to ongoing video counseling is appropriate, the clinician will connect you via phone with a Find Navigator who will submit the referral. A counselor will then get in touch with you to schedule your first appointment. From your first appointment forward, you can connect with that therapist on video in real time. Telehealth is conducted by licensed clinicians via Zoom, a secure videoconferencing platform.

You can also use the below website or the iConnectYou app to initiate contact.

Enter the Student Code: Santa Clara University

iConnectYou is an innovative app that allows you to engage via phone, video, instant messaging, or SMS text. The app not only allows you to initiate contact with the program but can also be used to deliver structured telephone or video counseling. Informational resources are also available.

iConnectYou is available in any country that has a Google Play or App Store which provides apps for smartphones. Support is available via the app 24/7. Call, instant messaging, and text are available in all app languages, while video access is staffed in English.

Enter Santa Clara University’s access code 210989 to access the app’s full features. Upon registering, you can select from the following languages for the app interface: English (US and UK versions), French, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Indonesian, German, and Polish.

You also have online access to the CAPS 24/7 Wellness Hub, Silvercloud, and Headspace (access coming soon).

If you are residing or studying abroad outside of the United States, you still have access to CAPS 24/7 services by calling +44 20 8987 6588. You can also use the Resources for Your Life website (Student Code: Santa Clara University) or the iConnectU app to initiate contact from anywhere in the world.


Through CAPS 24/7, all SCU students have unlimited free counseling sessions without using insurance. CAPS 24/7 clinicians treat a range of issues, but they do not provide specialized care such as treatment for eating disorders, neuro-psychological testing, treatment for substance use or medication management.

If you need to see a clinician who offers specialized care, CAPS 24/7 patient navigators will help locate an appropriate clinician who accepts your insurance.


We make every effort to match you with a CAPS 24/7 clinician who meets your demographic, identity, and language preferences; however, if one is not available through CAPS 24/7, we can initiate a referral through your insurance to find a clinician who meets your preferences.


  •  If you would like to have a follow-up session with the same clinician, ask the clinician at the end of your session about their availability to meet with you again.
  • You can also contact the clinician via secure message or make an appointment based on what the provider has listed as available times.
  • If you do not see a future time or date listed for the provider, you can contact LiveHealth Online’s Customer Support at 888-548-3432.
  • If you have any difficulty logging into your session or your session ends abruptly, please contact Live Health Online Customer Support at 888-548-3432 for assistance.

Headspace is an app with 1000+ hours of mindfulness and sleep content, mini exercises for busy schedules, and more. Proven to reduce stress in just 10 days. Usually, subscriptions are paid, but access is free for all SCU students: