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No student will ever be turned away from receiving medical or psychological services at the Cowell Center due to lack of funds. Additionally, students will never be required to pay for services at the time of visit.
  • The Cowell Center does not bill insurance companies directly. Students can request itemized receipts that they may submit for potential reimbursement to their insurance companies as out of pocket claims. They can request these via phone or email. Cowell Center fees will appear in the Finances section of Workday. Fees cannot be paid with HSA/FSA accounts as Santa Clara University does not accept debit or credit cards for payment on student account charges.

    No-shows will result in a fee of $30 for SHS and CAPS appointments.

    Please note: Starting Spring 2024, a late cancellation fee of $15 will apply to appointments canceled, or rescheduled, an hour or less before the appointment start time.

    Federal Pell Grant recipients may be eligible for additional fee waivers (link to Pell Grant Fee Waiver section below).

    Graduate school students who are not on the SCU’s Student Health Insurance Plan will be charged $90 per quarter if they use Cowell Center services.

    This list is not exhaustive and prices are subject to change.

  • All CAPS appointments are free of charge.
  • Appointments with the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in CAPS are also free, though the student is responsible for any lab and medication expenses. This fee structure is offered as part of a one-year pilot given university and donor funding.
  • For all one-on-one CAPS appointments, there is a $30 fee for late cancellations (under 24 hours) or no-shows.

Please note: Starting Spring 2024, a late cancelation fee of $15 will apply to appointments canceled one hour or less before the appointment start time.

This list is not exhaustive and prices are subject to change.


Please note: Starting Spring 2024, a late cancelation fee of $15 will apply to appointments canceled one hour or less before the appointment start time.

  • With a Nurse or Medical Assistant $10 ($30 late cancellation/no-show fee)
  • With a Practitioner $20 ($30 late cancellation/no-show fee)
  • With the Registered Dietitian First visit $25 ($40 late cancellation/no-show fee); follow-up visits $15 ($20 late cancellation/no-show fee)
  • Taking of Vital Signs Free
  • Weight Checks Free
  • TB test will be read for free if TST (TB test) placement initiated at Cowell
  • Nurse Phone Triage Free


Per Vaccine/ Per Dose

  • Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertusis (Tdap) $45
  • Influenza $30.00
  • Tuberculosis Screening (PPD Skin Test) Free
  • Repeat Tuberculosis Screening (PPD Skin Test) $25


  • EKG $18
  • Suture Removal Free
  • Suture Repair: $15
  • Cauterize Nail Bed $15
  • Toe Nail Removals $15
  • Incision and Drainage of Abscess $15
  • Inhalation Therapy $15
  • Intravenous Therapy  $30 - $60

Laboratory Services

  • Blood Draw $5
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) $2.50
  • Quantiferon Gold Tuberculosis Test $46.50
  • Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Panel $22
  • BV/Vaginitis Panel $68.25
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) $3.39
  • Rapid Test for Strep $8
  • Throat/Nose Culture $10
  • General Health Panel (CBC, CMP, TSH) $9.50
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) $3.80
  • HIV Testing $18
  • Rapid Test for Mononucleosis $10
  • Urine Pregnancy Test Free
  • Blood Pregnancy Test $5
  • Syphilis (RPR) $2.60
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) $3.80
  • Urine Dip $2
  • Urinalysis $6
  • Urine Culture $8
  • Antibiotic Sensitivity (Used with Urine Culture) $39
  • Titer Blood Tests
    • MMR $25
    • Varicella $12.20
    • Hepatitis B $12


  • Amoxicillin (500mg) $6
  • Benzonatate  $8
  • Cetirizine HCL (10mg) (30 tablets) $8
  • Cipro (250mg) $8
  • Fluticasone Propionate (50mg) $10
  • Ibuprofen (600mg) $5
  • Mucinex  D $12
  • Nasal Decongestant Spray $5
  • Ondansetron (Zofran) (8mg) $2
  • Penicillin (500mg) $8
  • Pyridium $3
  • Zithromax $8

Medical Equipment

  • Ace Bandage $3
  • Ankle Brace  $16 - 23
  • Ankle Brace Bioskin $22
  • Ankle Elastic Support $10
  • Arm Sling $7
  • Sling/Swathe Immobilizer $26
  • Anterior Closure Knee Brace $38
  • Cold Pack $2.50
  • Crutches ($30 credited to your account upon return of crutches) $30
  • Knee Bioskin $20
  • Knee Immobilizer $25
  • Post-op Shoe $17.50
  • Rib Belt $13.75
  • Splint (Boxer Fracture) $35
  • Thermometer $7

Students who are Federal Pell Grant eligible may request a fee waiver for Visit Fees at the Cowell Center. Please email the Cowell Center at to inform us that you are a Pell Grant recipient.  The fee waiver is not retroactive and does not apply to No-Show fees. The fee waiver expires July 1st of every year and must be requested every academic year. 

Photocopying of medical records: 

  • 5 pages or less Free 
  • 6 pages or more $10

Please submit the Release of Information (ROI) - Student Health Services to the Cowell Center with your request (email to or bring in person during business hours).