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Tips for making the college transition

Making the transition to college is a process. However, you do not have to do it alone. Estrella Ramirez, CAPS training director and staff psychologist, is here to offer you a few tips on adjusting to your life at Santa Clara University. From coping with homesickness to seeking support from our campus resources, CAPS is here to help make adjusting to college as smooth as possible.

Cowell Center/CAPS

Are you looking for mental health support? Jessica Kas-Osoka, Case Manager of Counseling and Psychological Services, is here to go through the different support options available based on your needs, how to reach out to resources and to remind you that it’s important to give your support time to work.

Forgotten How to be “Social”? Where to Begin?

Each person has varying levels of comfort when it comes to social situations. Clarise Ballesteros, Staff Therapist, goes over what you can do to build your comfort when it comes to being social. She talks about where to begin, how to make connections and provides information on resources available on campus.

Examples of Self-Care

Self-care is essential for well-being. Bich Nguyen Hamilton, Training Director and Staff Therapist, goes over different examples of self-care and why it is so important to practice self-care.

4 Signs To Ask For Mental Health Support

Daniel Reed, Staff Psychologist, goes over signs to look out for within yourself that may indicate that it is time to ask for support and shares resources on where to get support on campus.