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Counseling and Psychological Services

To schedule or cancel appointments: (408) 554-4501
CAPS 24/7 Mental Health Support: (408) 554-5220

We are a team of licensed therapists, graduate-level psychological trainees, and mental health professionals dedicated to promoting students’ well-being through short-term therapy, crisis support, groups & workshops, and more. At CAPS, we are committed to the values of multiculturalism and social justice, and are dedicated to providing mental health services that are open to and accepting of every student we serve. Come as you are—you are welcome here.

Learn more about the CAPS team here:
Meet the Staff - Cowell Center

Learn more about our mental health and wellness services:


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Navigate here to Getting Started

Start where you are in getting the support and resources you need.

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Navigate here to Short-Term Therapy

50-minute individual sessions with your CAPS therapist on a regular basis as clinically appropriate, to provide support and help you work toward your goals.

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Navigate here to Crisis Services

30-minute sessions with a CAPS therapist to address immediate concerns. Usually available same day (Mon-Fri, 10am-3pm).

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Navigate here to Case Management

A case manager will work with you to identify the services and community resources that best fit your needs.

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Navigate here to Therapists in Residence

Consultation sessions are available in the residence halls to address immediate, non-crisis, events/challenges.

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Navigate here to CAPS 24/7

A free, supplemental service for SCU students, offering a 24/7 crisis hotline, referral support, and individual therapy. Staffed by licensed therapists. Call (408) 554-5220 any hour of the day or night.

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Navigate here to Groups and Workshops

Learn skills and strategies for addressing common mental health concerns like anxiety, or join a group to connect with others in a confidential setting.

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Navigate here to Coping with Racism and Discrimination

The Cowell Center is actively addressing racial bias and dismantling policies and practices that lead to racial inequities and ruptured relationships in our community.

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Navigate here to Other Support Resources

Support and information from our campus and community.