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January 2016

Shannon Vallor Wins 2015 World Technology Award in Ethics

Santa Clara University Associate Professor of Philosophy, Shannon Vallor, has been awarded the 2015 World Technology Award in Ethics.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 11, 2016Santa Clara University Associate Professor of Philosophy, Shannon Vallor, has been awarded the 2015 World Technology Award in Ethics. Recipients of World Technology Awards are judged by their own peers working in the same field of expertise.

“It’s deeply rewarding to be honored by my peers in technology ethics, and to join the other World Technology Network fellows who are working for a future in which the commercial potential of science and technology follows, rather than inhibits, its potential to shape a more humane world,” said Vallor.  

Vallor won the award for her body of work in technology ethics, which includes her work in the integration of software ethics with industry and engineering/computer science education. In 2013, Vallor developed a module on the ethics of software engineering that’s being used by over 34 universities worldwide.

Vallor’s most recent project focuses on the impact of emerging technologies on the moral and intellectual habits, skills, and virtues of human beings. She investigates how human character is being transformed by rapid advances in robotics, new social media, surveillance, and biomedical technologies, and her work appears in journals such as Ethics and Information Technology, Philosophy & Technology, and Techne, as well as a forthcoming book from Oxford University Press: 21st Century Virtue: Technology and the Future of Human Flourishing. She is President of the international Society for Philosophy and Technology, and sits on the executive board of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics.

The World Technology Summit & Awards Ceremony took place Nov. 19-20, 2015 in New York City. Both winners and finalists were inducted into the membership of the WTN, which now comprises more than 1,000 members from more than 60 countries.

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The WTN is a curated membership community comprised of the world's most innovative individuals and organizations in science, technology, and related fields. The WTN and its members – those creating the 21st century – are focused on exploring what is imminent, possible, and important in and around emerging technologies. The World Technology Awards are presented each year to the outstanding innovators from each sector within the technology arena, both as a way to honor those individuals and as a vetting mechanism to determine the newest WTN members. For more information, see

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