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Santa Clara University Boxing Club

The Boxing club is made up of SCU students who have an interest in keeping fit, learning self-defense, and training to fight competitively. No experience is necessary to join the club; in fact, most of the members are totally new to the sport. For those who wish to take their skills to the next level, the competitive portion of this club participates in intercollegiate bouts, representing SCU at the regional and national level. For more information, contact the team presidents.

Goals and Values

Respect: This is an essential value that we promote in our club. All members of the Santa Clara University Boxing Club are mandated to respect themselves, their teammates, their coaches, and especially their opponents. Competition and resepct are not mutually exclusive. Respect is an inherent level of dignity that every person is obliged to. We will not take any boxers who do not identify with this principle or see it through. 

Hard Work: We understand that our members have lives outside of boxing, which include jobs, studies, and other organizations/clubs. We do not have a mandatory number of practices that anyone has to attend in any given week. However, once boxing practice starts, you are expected to give your best and try your hardest. In order to better ourselves as fighters and ultimately champions, every individual must strive to reach the farthest they've ever gone, in order to better the team as a whole. We can only be as strong as our weakest link.

Be Willing to Learn: Boxing is a sport that is nearly impossible to perfect.  However, do not let that dissuade you. Take every slip, fall, and mistake as an opportunity for improvement and be open to hearing what you can do better. Even the best coach is fallible and able to better themselves. This should be the mentality all Bronco boxers should have; one of continuous growth. 

Have Fun: Ultimately, the members of the Santa Clara Boxing Club participate in this sport, because boxing is fun and rewarding.  Don't be afraid to go out there and try things out. Continue finding new ways to get involved and form bonds with your teammates. We appreciate everyone who comes out and we hope this experience will be one of enjoyment.